Dr. Fred’s Homemade Garlic Oil

Multiple applications, delicious flavors, all from home.

Dr. Fred’s Homemade Garlic Oil makes your favorite recipes even better. The versatility and ease with which Dr. Fred’s Garlic Oil can be implemented into any dish is outstanding. Pick up a bottle today and watch as your cooking goes from normal homemade meals to extraordinary gourmet dinners. 

Dr. Fred’s Garlic Oil doesn’t stop there, use it in your salad dressing to add that extra bit of tang to your healthy lunches. You can even use it for snacks! Just pour some of Dr. Fred’s Homemade Garlic Oil on to a small plate and add your favorite Italian seasoning blend to make the perfect bread dip snack straight from Italy. Be sure to pick up your bottle of Dr. Fred’s Homemade Garlic Oil today and remember to tell a friend!

Delicious Recipes

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