Dr. Fred’s Homemade Garlic Oil

Homemade One-of-a-Kind Slowly Infused Garlic Oil

Dr. Fred’s Homemade Garlic Oil is in a class by itself, because no other garlic oil on the market is made the way we make ours.  Our product is the result of years of extensive tests using different infusion methods, techniques and cooking temperatures.  We’ve heard from several expert chefs that there is truly no comparison, which is why we’re bringing this product to you, through drfredsgarlicoil.com.

Buy a bottle for your family and friends, they’ll be thanking you for years!

We are currently shipping to the 48 contiguous U.S. states (see next tab for details on pricing).  Over the next few months we hope to add additional shipping options, including International shipping. 

Number of Bottles Shipping Cost
1-2 Bottles $6.45
3-4 Bottles $13.45
5-8 Bottles $16.75 – Good Deal
9-12 Bottles $18.75 – Best Deal

“Life itself is the proper binge.” -Julia Child

Who is Dr. Fred?

I was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio a second generation Sicilian. My mother was a fabulous cook and I have always been passionate about food. I began making Dr. Fred’s Garlic Oil over 25 years ago for my personal use and for Christmas 2008 my daughter Sarah, a graphic artist, surprised me with her own custom-made labels.  I gave away about 200 bottles for gifts to friends and family.  Everyone loved the product and told me I should be selling it.

Initially when I looked into how to proceed I was disappointed to experience all the bureaucracy, but in 2009 Sarah and I decided to go for it! We have sold over 1000 bottles just out of my office and are now reaching out to friends across the country to share in our homemade delight. I use it on pasta, seafood, veggies, meats and bread. It’s great on everything but Ice Cream. From our home to yours… Enjoy!

Dr. Frederic F. Porcase, Jr. is a Family Medicine physician in Jacksonville, FL. He has been in practice for over 40 years and resides locally with his wife Karla and two Labrador Retrievers: Fannie and Kitty.