We used Dr Fred's Garlic oil on some fresh fish recently by rubbing it on the fish before we applied the cracker meal coating. It turned out fantastic!

--Capt. Kirk Waltz

Dear Dr. Fred, This email comes to tell you how impressed my Greek family enjoys your beautiful, flavorful olive oil. Greeks always take pride in their olive oil and all Greeks believe the best olives come from Greece. I tricked my European born mother and used your delicious garlic olive oil for brunch recently as we fry our eggs in olive oil. Everyone commented on the delicious taste... Then that evening, I used it again over our Greek village salad. You guessed it, my mom spoke up in her Athenian accent ``this must be olive oil from Crete, it's delicious``! Then I told her. It's Fred's Garlic Olive oil bottled right here in Jacksonville! She proclaimed that your heritage is very similar to the Greek heritage and that's why it's so amazing! She wants to meet you some day! My best to you and your continued olive oil success. We'd like to buy a case for additional family members for the Thanksgiving holidays. Warmest regards,


I love the flavor of garlic - but don't enjoy the tedious process of peeling garlic. Dr. Fred's garlic oil gives the dish I am preparing a wonderful roasted garlic flavor without having to peel garlic cloves. Dr Fred's Garlic Oil also works great as substitute for plain oil in a vinaigrette salad dressing. Gives dressing an authentic garlic flavor while maintaining a smooth consistency. Truly a great product!


I put it on EVERYTHING....and you should too, Dr. Freds Homemade Garlic Oil, great on salads, for frying fish, pork or chicken, as a baste for the grill, the options are limitless, and the best part... it's a local homemade product, get some today!

--Shawn B.

I have used Dr. Fred's Garlic oil for years and have found it to be a great product to supplement my cooking. Whenever the need comes to brown, saute', or add flavor to any recipe its' a great addition to my cooking arsenal.

--Kirk W.

Even though I grew up eating Irish food, Italian is now my favorite. When I think of any Italian dish, the two ingredients that come to mind are olive oil and garlic. This amazing product combines them together into something that is both different and better. The garlic is ``infused`` (whatever that means) into the oil. All I know is that it is delicious!

--Chuck D.

With many years of unhealthy eating habits thanks in part to 30 years in the US Navy resulted in a triple bypass heart surgery. That was over 12 years ago. Now with a healthier diet including Dr. Fred’s Homemade Garlic Oil I have my cholesterol in check, pass annual stress test and enjoy lap swimming, scuba diving and flying airplanes. Life is good.

--Jim D., Jr., Captain, US Navy Retired

Have used to cook with(my first bottle) but never way I did this time. Made a fresh vegetable soup with all healthy vegetables and turned out so bland nothing would help with taste. Added garlic oil AFTER it was totally cooked and the little globules gave it wonderful taste. Thank you.

--Babette S.

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